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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Sunday, January 5, 2014


Portland, Oregon-based Death Metal/ Grindcore act WORLD OF LIES is proud to announce their new bass player, Thomas Rusnak from RORSCHACHRORSCHACH and was a high influential and technical Hardcore Punk/ Powerviolence band from New Jersey that existed from 1989 - 1993. They have played limited shows and festivals since 2009.RORSCHACH also had one of their songs "Pavlov's Dogs" appear in the Sony Pictures movie ZERO DARK THIRTY in 2012. Thomas also played in KISS IT GOODBYE and most recently Portland's own longest running & biggest punk band POISON IDEA. RORSCHACH's “Protestant” album is #79 of the DECIBEL MAGAZINE HALL OF FAME.

RORSCHACH like THE ACCÜSED were direct influences on WORLD OF LIES main man Tony Avila's upbringing. "When I saw RORSCHACH in high school, they really made me want to play," and "I was super stoked to find out he was not only living here in Portland but playing in POISON IDEA". There is a very interesting story unfolding here and we are very excited to start working with ThomasThomas will be playing with WORLD OF LIES at their next show Friday, January 17th, 2014 @ The Hawthorne Theater in Portland, Oregon with 80's Crossover legends D.R.I..

Tony Avila - Guitar + Vocals
Thomas Rusnak - Bass
Michael Thompson - Drums

WORLD OF LIES existed from 2001-2004 in Sacramento, California and from 2004-2009 in Portland, Oregon. WORLD OF LIES reformed with Tony Avila - guitar/ vocals, Tony OT Papasadero on bass/ vocals & Michael Thompson on drums on 2/1/13 with a new song called Fema Coffins.

WORLD OF LIES played their return show 3/23/13 with NILE @ The Hawthorne Theater to a sold out crowd. During April they recorded 10 songs and released a new EP calledLiving Under Drones 5/3/13. Then did a tour of Oregon, Nevada and California. WORLD OF LIES played on the DECIBEL MAGAZINE TOUR with CANNIBAL CORPSENAPALM DEATHIMMOLATION and CRETIN 5/18/13 @ The Wonder Ballroom. They also played with HAVOK @ Branx 8/31/13, MORBID ANGEL @ The Hawthorne Theater 11/26/13 and local 80's Crossover legends WEHRMACHT & TOE TAG @ Slabtown 12/7/13.

WORLD OF LIES released a split CD in 2009 with TOE TAG (Blaine Cook & Alex Sibbald ex-THE ACCÜSED) and soon after WORLD OF LIES called it quits.

WORLD OF LIES released a EP on vinyl and CD in 2007 called Thorns. With guest vocals from ex-THE ACCÜSED/current TOE TAG frontman Blaine Cook and WORMWOOD's Larry Perrigo.

In other news, WORLD OF LIES has announced they are working on a new full length record plus they are booking local and west coast show dates. More details will be made available soon. For additional information, visit www.worldoflies.com or www.facebook.com/WorldOfLies.

Tony Avila / World Of Lies